Cicero residents protest possible school cuts

March 10, 2010 10:00:00 PM PST
The governor says billions of dollars from that tax hike will go to public education but if it doesn't pass, schools will pay the price. That had some people demonstrating Wednesday night.

"It's a game. And the games have to stop. This is real life for real people who need help," said Mary Forston, parent. "We're not gonna let education go backwards in Illinois. We're gonna go forwards, and we're gonna have a good future for these boys and girls," said Gov. Quinn.

Before the governor went inside to the Cicero Chamber of Commerce meeting, he spent time talking to the crowd. He emphasized his commitment to education.

Quinn insists billions of dollars will be generated by the income tax hike and that will nullify the $1.2 billion hole in education funding.

If lawmakers reject his plan, schools could face teacher layoffs, larger class sizes and cutting extracurricular activities.