Police warn South Side residents of scams

March 17, 2010 10:44:30 AM PDT
Residents from the Midway Airport area to the Southeast Side are being alerted to a series of scams across the Area One Police District.A Chicago Police Department press release says the scams include an apartment listing scam, wherein a false apartment listing is posted on a social networking Web site, and the perspective tenant is asked to show up to the apartment building, fill out a false contract and place a deposit before viewing the rental, only to return and ind the "agent" did not represent the property.

In another scam targeting seniors, a fake bank agent asks seniors to withdraw money from their accounts to help in a bank investigation.

"The offender offers to drive or makes arrangements to pick up the victim to take him/her to the bank. The offender then meets the victim at the bank and takes the victim's money," the release says.

Another scam targeting seniors involves calling the victims and saying they have won a large cash prize. They are then instructed to send a processing fee.

In a fourth scam, police say people posing as utility workers gain access to the home, and while one distracts the homeowner, the other ransacks the home.