Sheriff: 1,600 weapons found in Northwest Side home

March 22, 2010 3:23:52 PM PDT
Switch blades, expandable batons, handguns and brass knuckles were found at a Northwest Side home owned by a man accused of trying to bring weapons into the Daley Center last week.

Authorities say they confiscated 1600 weapons from the home of Kevin Long, who was on a judicial watch list because, authorities said, he has a history that poses a potential threat to judges or other court officials.

Long faces almost four dozen additional charges in connection with the cache of weapons-- worth $45,000 -- found in his garage. The most disturbing find were the plastic knives, according to Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart.

" This will obviously kill somebody, yet take the metal part off and it is plastic and won't appear on metal detectors," said Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart.

Sheriff's police raided Long's home after the 48-year-old was caught last week trying to bring hunting knives into the Daley Center. Long is no stranger to Cook County Courthouses or to the federal courthouse. For the past few years, he has been on the top of a threat list developed by the sheriff's office and U.S. marshals.

"We have a lot of these people-- Kevin Long being one of them -- that we are totally aware of whom we monitor," said John O'Malley, acting U.S. marshal.

Long has been arrested several times for making threats against those in the legal system. He was released from prison in November after being convicted of intimidating a witness.

"Prior to that he had been convicted of criminal trespass because he was found in judges chambers," said Sheriff Dart.

Long lived in a Milwaukee Avenue condominium building. Neighbors say they were unaware of long's weapons collection, but knew of his threatening behavior.. Art Whiteside keeps a file on Long and alleges Long has vandalized his property several times.

"He would smash the front windows in my house twice, broke the windows in my car twice and I caught him cutting the tires on my car.," said Art Whiteside, neighbor.

Whiteside says Long has harassed several people-- including children who use this park next to his home. Residents say Long has filed several frivolous lawsuits against neighbors, including a nun.

"We were going to have a bake sale and collect money to get a judge to put him away," said Whiteside.

Residents say Long has filed several frivolous lawsuits against neighbors, including a nun.

He was one of about 25 people on a judicial watch list. While he was allowed in the Daley Center, Long had been banned from the federal courthouse.