Brownies send cookies to Afghanistan troops

Eight-year-old Wild Freeborn posted a YouTube video in the hopes of selling enough boxes to send her troop to summer camp. (AP Photo)

March 25, 2010 4:36:37 AM PDT
Some little girls in uniform in Park Ridge are helping out some big soldiers in uniform.

Brownie Troop 651 is sending Girl Scout cookies to troops in Afghanistan. The third-graders from St. Paul of the Cross School in Park Ridge not only sold Girl Scout cookies, they also bought them. And now, those boxes are headed to Afghanistan.

"The girls designed coffee cans saying Sweets For Soldiers on the can. And ... they had asked people who bought Girl Scout Cookies to please donate their change so they could raise money for these cookies," said Jenette Killmer, Brownie Leader Pack 651.

The Brownie troop raised $770.00 to buy their G.I. cookies. The girls are also writing "Dear John" letters to Major John Maher, a Chicago area Army Reservist. His sister, Julia, heard the Brownies were looking for a soldier to adopt.

"I said, 'My brother's in Afghanistan. I would love to support you.' And then Karen said, 'Can we adopt your brother and have him be the soldier in Afghanistan?'" said Julia Maher Dombrowski, Maj. Maher's sister. So that's where the cards and cookies are going: to Major Maher and his troops in Kabul, Afghanistan.

"It makes me feel really good because the soldiers actually think that somebody cares like that for sending cookies," said Greta Killmer, Brownie Troop 651.

According to Frank Mathie's calculations, the Brownies bought 18 cases with 12 boxes in each case and about 25 cookies in each box. That adds up to 5400 cookies. Someone is going to be very happy with this.

"I think it's cool we can send it to him and how he's going to eat it and he said he's going to take a picture of him eating the cookies and he's going to send it to us," said Julia Mueller, Brownie Troop 651.

One of the girls' fathers will make sure the cookies get there.

"He is going to next week ... ship the cookies to Afghanistan and hopefully Major John can receive the cookies by Easter," said Karen Mueller, leader, Brownie Troop 651.

They're not just Brownies, they're Easter bunny Brownies.