Guest List: Lance Briggs, Chicago Bears

March 31, 2010 5:42:44 AM PDT
Chicago Bear Lance Briggs is in town to promote his foundation, Briggs4Kidz, and their "Reason to Dream" fundraiser April 12 at Chicago's Lumen Bar.He's also a closet Comic book fan. That's his secret hobby. He recently launched Lance's Comic World (, a comic book social network that connects football and comic fans, by providing a platform to read the latest news and interviews with comic book artists and creators.

From Lance's Blog:
"Believe it or not, I have other passions off the field. I love food, which shouldn't come as a big surprise, being that I am a 240LB man. I love to cook, talk food and of course eat! I can never turn down a good meal. Aside from my love for the art of food, I also have one secret hobby most people do not know about.

As a 7-year old child exploring different hobbies, I had been happy collecting baseball and other sports cards until the fateful day when my mother decided to take me to the local comic book store. I remember reading my first ever comic, the Original X-Men and thinking that it was the coolest thing ever. It was there that I became infatuated with the comic world phenomena and from that moment on I knew it would be one of my life's obsessions. Now fast forward 21 years. one would think with the time and energy devoted in making it to the NFL my love for comics would diminish, well think again.

I currently purchase comics at least twice a month, and I recently got issues of The Darkness, New X-Men, and Xavier's house. As a kid, I was mostly into the artwork and character creations, but as I grew older, I had a deeper appreciation for the storylines with the human-like plots, different past histories of characters, love interests and it became more than just hero vs. villain. Reading a comic was like creating a movie in my mind.


Drafted by the Chicago Bears in the 3rd round in 2003, Lance Briggs has carried over his success from the college ranks where he was a 3-time All Pac-10 player at the University of Arizona into the NFL.Lance has established himself as one of the elite defensive players in the league and has been selected to play in 5 consecutive Pro Bowls (2005-2009), the highest honor for current NFL players. He was named Co-Defensive Captain in his 2009 season. He also helped his team earn a trip to Super Bowl XLI in 2007, the ultimate goal for all teams where he played an outstanding game leading his team with 13 tackles.

"A Reason to Dream"
Briggs4Kidz Foundation
Lumen Bar in Chicago
April 12
6pm - 9pm