ABC7 Playoff Face-off with Ryan Chiaverini

Mark--who is not a fan of facial hair-- threw in the towel just two days after the contest to see who could go the longest without shaving during the Blackhawks postseason run was made public on

Now, Ryan has turned his attention to the fans. If you're growing a playoff beard, click here to send us a picture so we can see how your beard stacks up, and we might even share it during the on-air broadcast.

In 28 years of sportscasting in Chicago, never before had anyone seen Mark Giangreco with a beard (not that anyone would want to), and we were surprised baby-faced Chiaverini could even grow one at all (he must be using performance-enhancing supplements).

In honor of the infamous hockey playoff beard, Chiaverini challenged Giangreco to see who could grow a more manly, burly, lushious beard. The loser has to hand wash the other guy's car.

Fans willing to grow a beard during the Blackhawks postseason run, joining in on a tradition among National Hockey League players during the playoffs, can invite their peers to pledge money for each day they maintain it. For more information on the Chicago Blackhawks Beard-A-Thon just Click Here.

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