Silly Bandz newest craze among kids

May 31, 2010 (CHICAGO)

The stretchy rubber band-like items start out in collectible shapes ranging from animals to superheroes. Many kids are wearing them as bracelets.

The bands are so popular, some schools are banning them from classrooms saying they are too distracting for students.

"My teacher said OK, kids tomorrow morning if you have any silly bands on, I'm going to take them away," said Sophie Smith. "I think he should only take them away from the kids who are getting distracted by them. Like one for one not all for one."

There is a danger associated with wearing too many of the bands.

Some children have reported the circulation to their hands has been cut off. So if your children are caught up in this newest craze health exerts say you might want to encourage them to limit the number of bands worn at a single time.

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