Philly fans celebrate OT win; series at 2-1

June 3, 2010 (PHILADELPHIA)

That's apparent after the Philadelphia Flyers took Game 3 in overtime. The Flyers' scores about six minutes into overtime. The Flyers win 4-3 to cut the 'hawks series lead to 2-1.

Claude Giroux scored 5:59 into overtime to give the Philadelphia Flyers an overtime victory.

Giroux scored on a deflection off Matt Carle's pass to beat Antti Niemi and win the third straight one-goal game in the series.

The Blackhawks, trying to win their first Stanley Cup title since 1961, snapped a seven-game winning streak and a seven-game road winning streak.

Philly basks in victory glow -- for now

As you look down beautiful Ben Franklin Parkway Thursday morning in Philadelphia, which ends at City Hall and a smiling statue William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania appeared to be smiling because of what happened on the ice Wednesday night a clutch overtime victory at home for Philly.

If the Chicago Blackhawks are going to win the Stanley Cup, a). they will hopefully have to do it at home and b). have a lot more work set up for them.

The mood around Philly was anything but sporty. It couldn't have been more than 30 seconds after the Wachovia Center shook with the winning goal for the hometown Flyers before the race to get home ensued. An amped-up crowd bellowed its belligerence, living up to the reputation of Philly sports fans.

"I walked in and I said, these game fans are so cordial. I got booed about 20 times out and got called the a-word about ten, but they are very cordial," said Herbie Zuckerman, 'hawks fan, said sarcastically.

"We're getting the raspberries out here," said ABC7's Ravi Baichwal after the game.

In reality, it's probably not all that difficult to understand that any hometown crowd was happy they won, but brave Chicagoans who attended the game pondered their loss.

"It was because of the first period," said 'hawks fan Rick Beattie.

Fans back home still optimistic

Now the 'hawks will prepare for Game 4 Friday in Philadelphia, which, if they win, gives them a chance to win the Stanley Cup on home ice, a scenario that comforts some.

One of the Blackhawks' biggest fans is actor and Chicago native Vince Vaughn. He watched Game 3 in Merrionette Park at a fundraiser at 115 Bourbon Street.

"They really have come back," Vaughn said late in the game. "It is a testament to the team and what he they have done. They have been playing great and gotten the city excited. It it's been a lot of fun."

'Hawks fans got to their seats early the bar Wednesday night, making sure they had a good angle on a television. They also had a chance to meet 'hawks legend Dennis Sevard who greeted fans.

"It would be tremendous for the city of Chicago. We all know that. And I think it has been already very good for the economy of Chicago, for the restaurants and bars and the rest of the city," said Sevard.

Once the puck dropped, the fans were glued to the screens. When the 'hawks scored to tie the game in the first period, a celebration erupted.

Vaughn was wearing his favorite 'hawks sweater.

For younger fans, the Stanley Cup experience is incomparable. Twenty junior players for Chicago Jets Club took it all in Wednesday night and were very excited.

"They're the 'hawks. They can do anything," said Sydney Sorkin, young hockey player.

A Stanley Cup victory for the Blackhawks is likely to resonate for quite awhile.

"The 'hawks deserve it. They are such a great organization and a great team. They're back. We've had a long, long drought since 1961," said Mark Bowden, Blackhawks fan.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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