Missing Woodstock mom gone for 2 weeks

June 3, 2010 (WOODSTOCK, Ill.) Beth Bentley was last seen at a train station in southern Illinois May 23.

Friends and relatives say the mother of three was supposed to return to home the next day, but she never arrived. They say Bentley would never be out of contact with her children for this long.

Ten-year-old Cooper Bentley and his two brothers are very close to their mother. The boys say there wasn't a day that would go by where Bentley didn't talk to her sons or her husband Scott several times.

"We're a top priority, and for her not to call any of us is very unusual," said Josh Belmont, son.

"Even if she was having some kind of personal issues, she would have sent us a text or something that says, please, don't let the boys worry," said Scott Bentley, husband.

It's been 12 days since the Bentley family has heard from Beth. On May 20, the Woodstock mother travelled with a friend to Centralia, Illinois. During the trip she called home several times. May 23 was the last time her husband Scott spoke with Beth.

"She told me she loved me and I'll see you soon," said Scott.

Scott's wife told him she would be driving back to Woodstock late on night of the 23rd or early in the morning on the 24th. Scott Bentley says Beth never mentioned taking a train back.

"The story is that her girlfriend took her to the train station, Amtrak, dropped her off, and that is the last time anyone has seen from her," said Scott.

There has been no activity on Beth Bentley's cell phone or credit card since May 23. Beth's family and friends have created a special Facebook page to try to find her.

Everyone who knows Beth Bentley says there is no way she would leave her husband or her three children.

"I'm just totally devastated. I never thought anything like this would happen," Scott sad.

Woodstock police are working with several different law enforcement agencies on this case, including the Centralia Police Department, the Amtrak police, and Illinois State Police.

Detectives have interviewed the conductor as well as passengers on the train that Beth Bentley was supposed to be on. But no one recalls seeing her.

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