Cohen heads to Springfield with signatures

June 20, 2010 (CHICAGO)

Now he's going to file those petitions with the Illinois State Board of Elections before Monday's deadline. Those signatures are now on their way to Springfield.

Scott Lee Cohen and his running mate Baxter Swilley are en route to Springfield. Before they left, Cohen took a jab at Governor Patrick Quinn and the different requirements for incumbents to be on the ballot.

Cohen rolled out a stack of papers that represent 133,170 signatures, he said, no Sunday. Cohen hopes the signatures will put him on the ballot for governor as an independent. His day of politicking began with a life-sized cutout of the Democratic nominee and incumbent Governor Pat Quinn.

"What the petition process is is nothing short of an incumbent, career politician protection plan," said Cohen.

In February an emotional Cohen pulled out of the race for lieutenant governor. Cohen was the democratic nominee for lieutenant governor, but allegations of domestic violence, sexual abuse and steroid abuse surfaced.

At the time, he said it was for the good of the people for him to resign. But now Cohen says he's what Illinois needs.

"I believe in my heart that I have the tools that are necessary to bring businesses back to Illinois, to put people back to work," said Cohen.

Governor Quinn addressed Cohen's attempt to run for governor while at a father's day event to promote men's wellness.

"I think competition is good, whether it's in sports, business, economics or government or politics. So anybody who wants to run for governor, the water's fine. You gotta expect though when you get into the water some tough questions," said Quinn.

The Republican nominee for governor is Bill Brady, whose spokesperson issued a statement:

"No matter who is on the ballot- Bill Brady will continue to talk to voters in Chicagoland and throughout the state about the need for a strong jobs climate that puts people to work, his plan to reign in uncontrolled government spending and a clean break from the politics of the past."

Regarding Cohen's previous behavior and allegations of behavior, he would only say the past is the past.

Cohen said some of those who signed petitions are people who voted for him in the primary and he also expects the other candidates to challenge his petitions.

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