The science behind the hit movie 'Inception'

August 4, 2010 6:47:39 AM PDT
The movie raises questions about what is possible: planting ideas in someone else's mind, lucid dreaming (knowing you are dreaming while in a dream), waking up in a dream (thinking you are awake, and finding out you have moved into another level of dreaming), group dreaming.

The School of Metaphysics teaches all of these skills ... they are possible and can be learned.

* The movie also raises the question of responsibility and accountability ... having a purpose for these skills that is productive and beneficial, rather than using them for harm, deceit, or to interfere with another person's thinking. I think that this could have been emphasized more in the movie, although perhaps that doesn't have as much entertainment value as does stimulating fear of manipulation!

* Another question the movie raises: can one get "lost" in the subconscious mind from playing around with the dream world? How does one distinguish between dream reality and waking reality?

* Can you dream of someone who has died; i.e., actually meet with them in a dream, or is the deceased loved one only a projection of the dreamer? (Research has shown that visitation dreams are very common among people who have experienced the death of a loved one.)

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