About the Blagojevich jury

August 3, 2010 (CHICAGO) Their names were withheld by the judge throughout the trial. Five alternate jurors-- who were present for all of the trial-- were released before deliberations began on July 28, 2010. They were not, however, dismissed from their duties so they were not identified before the verdict either.

The jurors are made up of six women and six men. Three of them are African-American; eight are white and one is Asian. Their ages range from a man in his early 20s who is just starting his college education and career to a senior citizen who worked for the U.S. Postal Service for more than 30 years.

    They are known by numbers:
  • Juror # 103 is a white female believed to be in her 30s, who works as a legal assistant who prepares legal notices. She has a young son and likes to play softball.
  • Juror # 105, a black female believed to be in her 40s, is a math and pre-algebra teacher at a public middle school. Her husband is an adult probation officer. She says she listens to talk radio.
  • Juror # 106, a black female believed to be in her 60s, is a retired state public health director who has ties to the Chicago Urban League. She has handed out campaign literature for a relative who ran for public office. She listens to National Public Radio and liberal talk radio shows.
  • Juror # 119, a white female who is believed to be in her 30s, is an investment accountant with two daughters. She's an avid runner who participates in marathons. Her favorite reading material is "Runners World." She said she doesn't have time to watch the news.
  • Juror # 121, a white female in her 20s, is a student majoring in accounting at Western Illinois University. Both of her parents work for suburban law enforcement.
  • Juror # 123, a white male in his 30s, works in human relations for a law firm and volunteers at a family shelter.
  • Juror # 127, a white female believed to be 50 to 60 years old, is retired from Illinois Department of Employment Security. She has said Blagojevich was technically her superior as governor.
  • Juror # 128, a white male in his 20s, works at Best Buy and has applied to College of DuPage for fall. His mother serves in the Army and he's undecided on a career. He likes to play sports and hang out with friends. He did not recall hearing anything about the Blagojevich corruption case.
  • Juror # 133, a white male in his 50s, is a former superintendent in a manufacturing plant. He also served in the Marines and hurt his hip while in Lebanon. He was accommodated for the hip discomfort by being allowed to sit in the back row of the jury box.
  • Juror # 135, an Asian male, 66 years old, is a retired videotape librarian. A Japanese-American, he was born in a detention camp and served as a Marine in Vietnam. His wife was a Chicago public school teacher.
  • Juror # 137, a white male in his 60s is a service operations agent for building automation controls in the city. He served in Operation Desert Storm and is a retired Navy commander. He likes computer strategy games.
  • Juror # 148, a black male believed to be 60 to 70 years old, is a retired letter carrier who is active in his church's bible study group. He was on a criminal jury 10 years ago in a murder case. That jury ended up hung because a juror was uncomfortable with the death penalty possibility.

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