Manscaping with Candace Corey

August 14, 2010 (PRESS RELEASE)

Candace Corey is a makeup artist and beauty editor for "Brides Noir" magazine. She's here to show us the best products made just for men and which products guys are better off borrowing from the girls.

Hair: Usually when men think of grooming they think of their hair. August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month and 1 in 2 men are affected by hair loss at some point in their lives. Combating it starts on the inside, so take a hair supplement like Viviscal which is 100% natural that has been clinically proven, by 5 clinical trials, to promote hair growth by providing necessary nutrients to result in a reduction of hair thinning. It works in as little as 3 months on both men and women so she can borrow it too. $50 at

To create the latest trendy hairstyles that are "piecey" go with a volume building hair gel like Pantene Fine Hair Solutions that is especially designed to create the style that you want that won't weight it down and make it look thinner. The collection also have gels for thicker hair and hair that needs more control like curly hair.

Skin: Men need good skin care like women but they are less likely to do multiple steps so getting product that can combat several problems are key starting with anti-aging and discoloration. A man's skin is thicker than a woman's so their wrinkles are usually deeper so using a moisturizer with glucosamine like Olay Definity Correcting Protective Lotion will hydrate skin and address the signs of aging with while correcting discoloration from hyper pigmentation that is usually caused by the constant friction that shaving can bring. Since it is in a grey container and feels as light weight as a shaving balm he won't feel girlie using it.

Body: Men usually wash their face with what ever cleanser is in the shower, but that usually contains deodorants for your body and not your face, but they can use a body wash that is designed for both their body and face like DDF Brightening Cleanser. It cleans skin without making it feel dry but it also contains glycolic and salicylic acid so if there is breakouts on back or shoulder it will help clear it up and even out the skin tone.

Cosmetics: Even though men don't usually wear makeup they can still need the occasional cover up to disguise a blemish or dark circles from a bad night sleep, so using a product that is especially designed for men like Clinique M Cover, found at department stores, is a perfect way to give your look the polish that you need. Its masculine packaging also means he won't have to keep it hidden.

GUEST BACKGROUND: Candace Corey has been a makeup artist for more than twenty years. Her work has graced the pages of numerous publications including Rolling Stone, O! The Oprah Magazine, Beauty News and currently serves as the beauty editor for Brides Noir magazine. She has appeared as a beauty expert in television segments across the country.

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