Can these shoes be saved?

September 8, 2010

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Many in the iPod generation don't even know shoes, boots and sandals can be repaired, instead of being replaced. These days, when most of us are watching our wallets, rescuing a pair of shoes makes sense.

Spreading the word about shoe repair is the mission of Mike Morelli. The third generation of the Morelli family to operate a shoe-repair business, Mike has run Brooks Shoe Service for over 28 years. The business has been in Chicago since 1919, providing complete repair and maintenance for all footwear and accessories, including handbags, briefcase and wallets. Mike provides pick up and delivery through out the city, and will also provide curb side service for dropping off and picking up work at Brooks, located at 29 E. Madison, Suite 610.

"I would love to share my knowledge and experiences with you so you keep your shoes looking like new as long as you own them," Mike says.

He explains 6 of the most common repairs the Brooks shoemakers encounter:

1. Protective Sole. On shoes with leather soles we recommend a protective layer over the sole, Mike says. It's best to do this as soon as possible. If the soles are worn they can be repaired before the protective soles are applied

2. Heel Replacement. Heels can be repaired or replace on any shoes to look and feel like new. Even molded soles can be done. It's important to replace or add new heels before the base of the heel wears. Especially on high heel shoes walking on worn heel can cause the heel itself to crack.

3. Sole Replacement. Rubber or leather soles can be replaced on any shoe to look and feel like new. Replace soles before the wear completely to protect the fit and condition of the shoes.

4. High heels Recovered or Replaced. Broken heels and heel coverings can be replaced.

5. Broken straps. Worn or soiled linings, broken elastic and broken straps, can be repaired invisibly.

6. Make fitted boots fit. Most boots can be stretched up to 2 inches. If more room is needed alterations can be done to add as muck as 4 more inches. Boots that are too large can be taken in to provide a custom fit

For more information, visit Brooks Shoe Service, 29 E Madison Suite 610, Chicago IL 60602 or Contact Mike Morelli at or 312. 372 2504.

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