'The Sams' step aside; Blagojevich gets new team

October 1, 2010 (CHICAGO) "The Sams" are officially off the corruption retrial of Blagojevich, which is scheduled for January 2011, but will help behind the scenes.

"The Sams are excellent. But they are who they are. I'm not Sam Adam and Sam Adam's not Aaron Goldstein - so I'm gonna be myself and that's trying as hard as I can to win an acquittal for Rod Blagojevich," said Aaron Goldstein, attorney for Blagojevich.

Goldstein, Sheldon Sorosky and Lauren Kaeseberg are now the Blagojevich defense team. They were all part of the original team-- they know the case; they know the tapes. But because the Blagojevich defense is now being paid by the public only two lawyers are paid to be part of it.

They say it's too early to talk trial strategy, but one question- will they call witnesses this time? One possibility includes Rahm Emanuel, who left the White House Friday to explore other opportunities in Chicago.

Will the government call Emanuel? Will the defense? He's named in the indictment.

"You'll just have to ask them," said Goldstein. "I think the government would call him. . . It's certainly possible. Who knows? Who knows? Who knows?"

A second possible witness is Valerie Jarrett, presidential advisor, who stopped by the Dirksen Federal Building for lunch with her daughter, a clerk for a judge at the Dirksen. Jarrett might have been a senator were it not for the alleged Blagojevich senate seat scandal.

A third possible witness in the corruption case against Blagojevich is Tony Rezko, the convicted political fixer and Blagojevich fundraiser. Looking thin and pale from two years in federal prison, Rezko pled guilty on long-standing charges involving the sale of his Pizza restaurants. He'll be sentenced later.

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