Hollywood Beauty Must-Haves

October 5, 2010 10:07:03 AM PDT
Celebrity endorsements can mean big sales for beauty products since many women want to look like their favorite stars. But some celebs don't get paid to talk about their favorites. Beauty expert Jamie Krell has tracked down some of Hollywood's favorite beauty must-haves. She tells us who's using what , why they love it, and where you can buy it. And you may be surprised to find out, some of the stars pick beauty products that will fit anyone's budget. AMORE PACIFIC MOISTURE BOUND HYDRA GEL

Description: The ultra-light, oil-free gel-crème moisturizer keeps skin balanced, energized and vibrant with a weightless finish, promoting a refreshed, radiant complexion. Preferred by top makeup artists for its whisper-light texture, the gel-crème absorbs instantly to create the ideal base for makeup. The ultra-concentrated, eight-hour time release gel featuring the line's signature Green Tea Extract brings new meaning to multi-tasking-repairing fine lines and wrinkles, protecting against environmental aggressors, and delaying signs of aging as it deeply hydrates and revitalizes. Ideal for hydrating any skin type-even oilier complexions-Moisture Bound Refreshing Hydra-Gel is the perfect moisturizer for fall.
Celeb Fans: Lea Michele, Sienna Miller, and Rachael Ray
Cost: $100
Where to buy:
Sephora and www.sephora.com


This concentrated serum is formulated with a customized blend of key amino acids to help preserve, stimulate and maximize collagen levels for younger looking skin. It minimizes the breakdown & retains collagen levels, stimulates the skin to continually produce its own natural collagen and increases skin's overall resilience & elasticity to improve the appearance of lines & wrinkles
Celeb Fan: Madonna
Cost: $ 75
Where to buy: Sephora stores nationwide and www.sephora.com


Limited-Edition "Trick or Treat" PocketBacs Hand Gel Sanitizers ($1.50): The perfect accessory for any pumpkin pail, these portable PocketBacs are the smart way to keep hands clean between ringing doorbells. In five spooky varieties, the pint-sized hand gel sanitizers are scented like favorite Halloween treats and have fun, glow-in-the dark accents on the package. Matching glow-in-the-dark PocketBac holders ($0.50) make it easy to trick-or-treat with one of these instant germ-fighters:

  • Spider's Web (Licorice)
  • Bat Bite (Apple)
  • Candy Corn (Caramel)
  • Vampire Blood (Plum)
  • Zombie Squad (Marshmallow)

Celeb Fans: Ryan Gosling, Mark Ruffalo and Joan Rivers
Cost: $1.50
Where to buy:
Bath & Body Works www.bathandbodyworks.com


Description: Formulated with an exclusive GROW-LASH Complex, which includes several lash-enhancing ingredients, such as Procapil and Biotin, known to increase micro-circulation, bringing more nutrients to the lashes and supporting natural lash growth for a longer period of time. Lashes instantly appear up to 80% longer and up to 117% longer after a month. Lash Accelerator also darkens your lashes, protects lashes from breakage and reduces lash fall-out upon removal.
Celeb Fan:
Zooey Deschanel
Cost: $9.99
Where to buy:


Description:Root Awakening products feed the roots and hydrate the scalp for visibly healthier, stronger hair with greater shine, bounce and manageability. Formulated with effective levels of natural Eucalyptus, each product in the comprehensive line of shampoos, conditioners and stylers invigorates the scalp to awaken 3x healthier hair starting at the roots. By going right to the source and infusing hair with nourishing ingredients from roots to ends, the collection fosters healthier-looking, more resilient hair that continues to improve with each use. The Root Awakening regimen not only boosts manageability in one use, but also promotes noticeable strength in seven days. The tingling sensation and energizing scent of the products create a multi-sensorial experience that lets you know the formulas are working at the root.
Celeb Fan: Katrina Bowden
Cost: $6.49
Where to buy:
food, drug and mass market retailers nationwide


The crinkle-fighting formula promotes firmer, fitter, glowing, dewy, youthful skin from the neck down. CoQ10 helps defy gravity while Omega 3, 6 and 9 keep your neck and décolleté looking firm and plump. Milk Thistle, Evening Primrose Oil and Sweet Almond Oil maintain moisture for healthy, brilliant skin. A dollar from the sale of each Boob Tube benefits the cancer support charity Look Good. . . Feel Better.
Celeb Fans: Christina Aguilera, Jessica Alba, Sarah Michelle Gellar
Cost: $45
Where to buy:


Miss Oops Pedicure in a Bottle actually exfoliates, then hydrates your feet. With this non-greasy formula, you can apply it in the morning and wear your shoes without that "slippery-greasy" feeling. The combination of glycolic and salicylic acid, shea butter, peppermint, menthol, and lavender leave your feet feeling smooth and smelling pretty ? just like you had a pedicure.
Celeb Fans: Jessica Alba
Cost: $18
Where to buy:

ZO Skin Health Oraser Body Emulsion

Developed to prevent moisture loss and promote youthful skin all over, Body Emulsion not only softens and hydrates skin from head to toe but also reduces the appearance of dark spots. The powerful formula includes 11.5% Lactic Acid (prescription-strength formulas contain 12%) to help exfoliate rough skin patches and retexturize for firmer, smoother looking skin. Retinol, a pure derivative of Vitamin A and the most vital component of any anti-aging skincare program, works to decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, even skin tone and increase epidermal thickness.
Celeb fan: Jennie Garth and Kristen Bell
Cost: $80
Where to buy: