1967 Northlake cop killer seeking parole

October 20, 2010 (NORTHLAKE, Ill.)

Fellow officers and relatives of the two slain men testified Wednesday. They want to keep Ronald del Raine in prison. Del Raine is one of three men convicted of killing two Northlake police officers during a bank robbery.

Children of the slain officers and a former partner are among those trying to convince a federal parole board to reject del Raine's request.

Ronald del Raine has been behind bars in a maximum security federal prison for most of his life. He has become a writer and a so-called prison lawyer. But he's also tried to escape twice and has more than 100disciplinary notes on his record. His victims and their families Wednesday tried to make sure he stays behind bars.

At the Northlake police station, Sergeant John Nagle and Officer Anthony Perri are never far from the thoughts of current officers. A case in the lobby displays their pictures and medals of valor.

Another case has pictures of the crime scene and a newspaper account of how three men hid waiting for the officers after robbing the Northlake Bank. With machine guns, they fired dozens of bullets into the officer's squad and the detective's car, killing Nagle and Perri, and injuring Michael Cain.

"I still think about it," said Cain. "I remember the date and for years I have trouble sleeping at night."

Cain joined two sons of Sergeant Nagle and current Northlake Deputy Chief Norm Nissen at the federal building Wednesday morning. They testified by phone to a parole officer in Colorado where 70-year-old del Raine was to be released from federal prison after serving 43 years.

Del Raine has served less than a quarter of his original sentence.

"He was trying to play up his age, talking about being feeble old man, but he still seemed very cunning," said Joseph Nagle, son of murdered officer.

"My best friend was taken from me 43 years ago. Hopefully this will keep him in jail," said John Nagle, son of murdered officer.

Nagle-Perri Park in Northlake is a quiet area for children to play, honoring the two officers who were violently murdered just a couple blocks away.

The bank building has changed ownership, but it's still standing just down the street from the police station.

Northlake Police are determined to try to keep del Raine behind bars, starting an online petition drive to send to the parole board.

"The judge never intended them to get out of prison," Cain said.

This was an emotional day for everyone involved. Officer Mike Cain, who survived after being shot in the arm, took del Raine's gun away in the parking lot after the attack. But Wednesday at the parole hearing was the first time he ever heard del Raine speak.

The hearing officer says he will recommend parole be denied. The final decision is up to the parole board.

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