Keeping fit boils down to diet, exercise

December 15, 2010 (CHICAGO)

When you eat for a living, staying fit -- especially over the holidays -- takes two things: diet and exercise. ABC7's Hungry Hound turns to a personal trainer for help with both.

Diet tips: Moderation, lots of water

Kristin Hubbard works with Steve Dolinsky once a week in the gym, but has also helped him navigate nutrition. Her first tip- look at the menu ahead of time can help avoid the impulse to order fattier foods.

"A lot of people have a hard time deciding split-second and they choose foods that aren't necessarily as great for them because they're not prepared," said Kristin Hubbard as the two dined at Shaw's Crab House in River North, where Dolinsky snacked on crab cakes in March 2009.

Their first hurdle: the bread basket.

"You can take the pumpernickel bread, which is the dark bread, maybe not eat the whole thing, just take half, and then you know what, once you're done with your bread just give it right back to the server so you're not tempted to keep on eating it," Hubbard said.

Then, to prove a point, we order two not-so-healthy items, including some pan-fried, parmesan-crusted grouper.

"You need to cut out the butter and focus on foods that are grilled instead of pan-fried," she said.

Dolinsky orders the creamy lobster, brie and penne pasta-- but Kristin says not so fast.

"Unless you know in advance the calorie count, I would stay away from cheese sauces," said Hubbard.

Healthier options are easy to find, like grilled King salmon.

"It comes on top of roasted, seasonal vegetables, spinach, tomatoes, I think there's some mushrooms in here, and it's great to fill up on the protein - the salmon - as well as the vegetables," said Hubbard.

Dolinsky loves the chopped seafood salad, but is encouraged to get the dressing on the side.

"So this salad is great without the dressing - there's a lot of protein, eggs, and the seafood on top...But the dressing, when it's on there, not so good, alright. What you can do is just dip your fork in the dressing and then take a bite of the salad," she said.

Finally, portion control. Something we all struggle with. Either ask for a doggie bag upfront or, Hubbard says, "Just push half of your food to the side, and work with half to begin with, and then if you're still hungry - 15 minutes later - then you can eat a little bit more."

Don't feel like you've gotta clean your plate.

"Definitely not. That's a recipe for disaster," she said.

While at Shaw's, Hubbard said oysters are just fine at only about 60 calories each.

Another secret: Drink a ton of water with a glass of wine or a beer once or twice a week. Never any soda. Never.

Shaw's Crab House
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Kristin Hubbard
In Core Fitness

ABC7's Hungry Hound hits the gym

Personal trainer Kristin Hubbard shows Steve Dolinsky some easy exercises that can be done at home.

Dolinsky typically sees Kristin once a week for an hour. But this week he wanted to see if there were exercises people could do at home, that don't require weights or special equipment.

"We'll do five exercises, for a minute each, and then do that whole sequence three times in a row," said Hubbard.

They start with squats.

"You want to keep your weight on your heels and push your butt back, and Steve's form is great here. So you'll do this for a minute, nonstop, and moderately fast tempo," she said.

Then Dolinsky goes side-to-side with lateral lunges.

"Go left, lateral lunge, push your butt back, and then alternate sides; and this is gonna keep your heart rate up so we're starting with lower body," said Hubbard.

After a minute, it's onto push-ups.

"Keep your core tight so your stomach is in; this is working upper body, it's working chest and triceps in addition to abs and back," she said. "And for those that can't do regular push-ups, go ahead and demonstrate on your knees. Keep your feet elevated, careful not to cross your legs."

Sixty seconds later, it's onto opposite arm and leg raises.

"So you're gonna lift up your opposite arm and leg, extend out and then switch. Just keep on alternating," said Hubbard. "So you're working your shoulder here, your working your back, especially, glutes and hamstrings."

The final exercise is holding a plank position.

"Go ahead, Steve, demonstrate improper form - bring your hips up - that's improper form. What you want to be doing, shoulders right over your elbows," she said.

"Do that three times in a row, without a break. So that's 15 minutes; and then give yourself a little water break, and then go right into the second sequence of exercises," said Hubbard.

The second sequence involves buying a $5-$10 resistance band and moving side-to-side while standing on it, doing some rapid curls with elbows at my sides, some upright rows for arms, and finally, with the band wrapped around the wrists, some reverse flys.

Hubbard says a 30-minute routine a couple of days a week is ideal.

"And easy on the salad dressing on the crab Louie... and no butter," she added. And watch your portions as well.

Kristin Hubbard
In Core Fitness

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