Setting the Scene: Christmas holiday table

December 16, 2010 (PRESS RELEASE)

Pinecones, Branches, Barks, Ivies and so much more are just steps away from our back doors - making tabletop decor easy, quick and affordable. If you don't have a backyard - explore the neighborhood, parks, the lakefront, and all of our natural public areas.

In my boutique A Perfect Event's window we have this tabletop, and people have been asking how to create it at home. So today I am sharing my three expert tips and trends for all your upcoming holiday celebrations.

Step 1 - Create a color palette for the tabletop - really for the party - with three complimentary colors.

This is a designer secret tip - so the tabletop and party decor and details have couture, chic design trends incorporated.

I love this natural belgian sack cloth linen, which creates a soft, organic, natural base. It is easily accented with copper and sage for a woodsy, winter wonderland.

Step 2 - Create a collection on the table right from the backyard - layering in textures, elements, and sparkly accents for lots of drama.

Another designer secret is to add a hint of winter snow with paint - which is fast and easy to sponge or spray on as needed.

And best of all - this can dress the table through the winter season - January, February...making it very repurposed and long lasting. Once March hits you can pack it all up - store it in a crate - and bring it back out next year - making it doubly green indeed.

Step 3 - Preset the table with everything you will need for the party - so you can relax, and spend time with guests once they arrive.

Charger plates always add sparkle and a festive touch - making the placesetting more formal and elegant. We sell these at A Perfect Event, and they are perfect for any holiday throughout the year.

Napkins can have a stylish, fashionable touch at each setting. I love the hanging fold, adding a nice splash of color to the tabletop. These are from Windy City Linens, and they deliver right to your doorstep.

A stylish secret is to set a pretty, personalized favor at each setting - adding that thoughtful touch for guests to see all the care and planning put into the occasion, and also help guide seating once guests arrive.

Your plate ontop should be selected to hold the first course served - a salad plate, or the entree if planned. If you don't own enough plates for entertaining - rentals are just a phone call away. These are from Tablescapes Party Rental in the West Loop.

Glasses again should be selected to hold all drinks on the menu - champagne, wine paired with courses and of course water with a fresh slice of lemon. I love adding a garnish for drama - here a simple sliced starfruit from the grocery - already shaped and ready to accent the glass.

Now, all that's left to do is this - let's raise a glass to the bounties of our backyards - bringing a natural elegance to the table this season.

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Chief Eventeur
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