Keeping Kids Active

December 27, 2010 (RELEASE)

Games to be demonstrated are:

1. Fit Deck Junior, for $14.95 (demonstrate two exercises from the fit deck cards)
2. Twister Hoopla, $19.99

Some other ideas include:

An Indoor treasure hunt:
This works well for a medium-sized to large space. Leave a trail of clues for the kids to find the treasure. Riddles, number puzzles and general knowledge quizzes can be part of the clues. You can even prepare a map to help the kids find the treasure.

Indoor obstacle course:
Design an obstacle course that runs through the entire house. To make it more exciting let the kids decide what obstacles to put and how the course should run. Be sure to do a few safety checks and you might even want to try it out yourself before letting the kids loose.

Miss Amy's Music to get you moving (CD) is a hit with kids who are into rock n' roll music. Aimed to get your kids up and energized. Retail $13.99, and can be purchased at:

And for the younger set, What's in the Cat's Hat has activity flaps and a lot of exploration cards. This is great for younger kids 3 and older. $19.99 available at Toys R Us or other fine retailers.

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