Durbin: Bill Daley good choice for chief of staff job

January 4, 2011 2:55:03 PM PST
U.S. Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois says Bill Daley would be a fine choice for White House chief of staff.

Durbin commented on reports that President Obama is considering Daley, who is Midwest Chairman of Chase Bank, for the key White House post.

The senator said he doesn't think the president has made a decision. But Durbin had high praise for Daley.

"Bill Daley's a great fellow," Durbin said, "and I've worked with him in so many different capacities, as Secretary of Commerce, when he was the chairman of the Al Gore presidential campaign, certainly in his capacity with Chase. We've had a good, good working relationship, here in the City of Chicago and otherwise. He would bring a lot of talent to the position."

Rahm Emanuel left the chief of staff post last year to run for mayor of Chicago.