Chico talks jobs, Del Valle pushes clean power

January 6, 2011 4:19:02 PM PST
Mayoral candidate Gery Chico says he wants to create jobs by using vacant city land and creative financing, along with a post for a new deputy mayor for business.

Chico greeted diners on 43rd Street in Bronzeville Thursday. He then listed steps that he says will improve economic conditions in the Bronzeville area, and throughout the city.

"We need to creatively use our land. The single largest landowner in Chicago is the City of Chicago. More than 14,000 parcels are in the name of the City of Chicago. That land has got to be made available, and aggressively used to bring in companies and the people that they employ to our city," said Chico.

Another candidate for mayor, City Clerk Miguel del Valle, urged that Southwest Side coal-fired power plants be closed.

Del Valle visited one plant on West Cermak and charged that after thousands of asthma attacks, hundreds of emergency room visits, and dozens of deaths, Chicago needs clean power. He was joined by representatives of Greenpeace, and the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization.