Slip 'n slide: Streets, sidewalks coated with ice

January 20, 2011 6:47:18 AM PST
City officials are urging caution and common sense as the wintry mix that coated parts of Chicago in ice settles in for several more days.

With temperatures expected to dip dangerously low, the ice that's already out there will stick around. Officials are asking the public to be careful, limit exposure outside and bundle up in layers of loose clothing before venturing out.

"We ask people to use common sense and when you think about icy conditions, we think about wearing practical shoes not slipping and so if they are walking they are not sliding a lot," said Dr. Julie Morita, Chicago Department of Public Health.

"We'd like residents of Chicago to be proactive and spread some salt on their walkways," Jose Santiago, OEMC, said. "And we'd like to remind there are pet-friendly products out there."

The city is also asking residents to check on neighbors. Experts suggest shoes with traction and close attention to where you step.

"I actually did stumble today. But I caught myself," said Dr. Rahul Khare, Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Khare said he saw an increase of ice-related cases coming into the emergency room on Monday and Tuesday night. Some required surgery.

"We sent a lot of people to the emergency with very bad fractures which tells us they were very unexpected, walking down the street, walking confidently, and then (to) really slip and fall," said Dr. Khare.

A lot of complaints in Chicago involve icy curbs where the snow has built up on the edge of the roads.

ABC7's Leah Hope recommends wearing knee highs or pantyhose over your shoes. Not the most fashionable, she says, but it works.