Staying warm at the Bears-Packers game

January 21, 2011 7:12:04 PM PST
If you're going to the Bears-Packers game, perhaps your biggest challenge this weekend will be staying warm.

Soldier Field staffers are getting the stadium ready for an extraordinary matchup Sunday on the field. Off the field, they are ready for the extremely cold temperatures with giant heaters and special heated benches for the players.

"When you talk about the temperatures down there, it is quite cold," said Luca Serra, a spokesman for Soldier Field. "The team has warming benches down there on both sides of the field from both teams. And they typically keep them pretty warm when they are off the field."

Some of those attending Sunday's game have been getting ready with the right gear at North Face.

"Actually, I did not prepare for last week's game. We purchased gloves because my hands were really cold," said Bears fan Steve Friedberg.

"Layers, glove liners, three pairs of socks, big warm boots, North Face ski pants, ski jacket, hat, face mask, glove liners, flask of schnapps," said Bears fan J. R. Reid.

North Face store manager Charlie Parker urges folks trying to stay warm to wear a synthetic layer underneath other layers to wick away perspiration.

For Sunday's game, Devin Hester's wife wants to have the full Soldier Field experience. No warm suite indoors for this Florida native -- Zingha Hester and her sister Zakiya are preparing to sit outdoors to watch the game.

"We're going to support him outside. I don't know how cold it's going to be. I'm sure it's going to snow and it's going to be crazy, but we're going to do it. All four quaters," said Zingha Hester.

Doorman Ben Martin will not been wearing the Four Seasons coat to Sunday's game, but he'll be wearing the right stuff to stay warm.

"I have four layers on presently, counting the coat, and I'll have the same for the Bears game," Martin said.

Martin said that toe warmers will help beat the cold. He recommends putting the toe warmers on and then another pair of socks over the toe warmers.