Some mayoral candidates criticizing opponents

February 6, 2011 4:05:43 PM PST
Four of the mayoral candidates were out campaigning Sunday, and several of them getting more aggressive in criticizing their opponents.

Three of the candidates went to the annual brunch and mayoral forum of the Arab American Democratic Club.

Gery Chico criticized the city's performance during the snow storm, saying the neighborhoods should not take a back seat to downtown in snow removal.

Miguel del Valle went after two of the leading candidates -- Chico and Rahm Emanuel.

Del Valle said both men benefitted from the work of patronage armies in previous campaigns.

William "Dock" Walls accused Carol Moseley Braun of maligning Patricia Van Pelt-Watkins when she called her a drug addict.

He said a person who insults others is not prepared to bring the city together.

Watkins talked to congregants at the New Life Baptist Church.

She discussed her struggles with drugs and her mother's struggles to succeed, and said she's in the race to the end.