Chicagoans ready for work, school after snow holiday

February 6, 2011 9:01:34 PM PST
For many, the snow holiday from work ends Monday morning as does the temporary reprieve from feeding parking meters.

Parking meter enforcement resumes downtown at 9 a.m. Monday and the rest of Chicago on Tuesday. School bus service resumes Monday morning as well.

It won't exactly be business as usual -- Monday morning may be a bit tricky with the remnants of Blizzard 2011 still with us.

But no doubt folks have done their best getting ready over the weekend, even with a couple of new inches of snow today.

Front-loaders furiously try clear West Side corners as Chicagoans prepare for the work week.

Ricardo Ortiz will insure that his daughter will get to work Monday by car.

Motorists who park on city streets had to find their own way out of the snow banks.

"I was just expecting to watch the game and she called me ask for help, so why not? She has to work tomorrow," Ortiz said.

"It's been hectic walking to work and I had one of my coworkers pick me up on the corner because I was stuck with all these inches of snow here," Ortiz's daughter Alejandra said.

This is Andrea Ortiz's first blizzard. The 3-year-old gets a pass on shoveling. Her job is making snow angels in the parkway.

The parking angels granted motorists a gift -- following the blizzard metered street parking was free.

The problem with this generous deal --many of the parkers we met did not know about the freebie that is until we shared the news.

"I love that us guys are announcing it everywhere. Free parking in Chicago, it just doesn't happen. Thank you for telling me. That's a very stand up thing to do," said George May.

"I agree with it. It's a good idea," said Eliot Rosado.

"There should at least be a sign. I've been parking all day and paying, like four spots already. Oh well, what are you gonna do?" said Vincent Tan Liao.

Parking ticket enforcement resumes Monday, so pay at the pay boxes.

Regular garbage pickup resumes tomorrow as well in the city.

School buses that have remained idle since before the blizzard will be out on their regular routes Monday morning.

Chicago Public School students went back to class on Friday after two snow days but buses did not run because many side streets had not yet been plowed.