Daddy-daughter dance a bonding experience

February 12, 2011 4:08:19 PM PST
A daddy-daughter dance celebrated Valentine's Day and the importance of a father in a girl's life.

It took place Saturday afternoon at the Black Star Ballroom on King Drive.

Everyone was dressed up and showing off their best dance moves.

Organizers say when a girl's first date is with her dad, all other men in her future will have to measure up.

They think experiences like this help girls make better decisions as they get older.

For many fathers, it's just the kind of bonding experience they've been looking for.

"It keeps the bond together," said dad Hakeem Lawal.

"It was fun," said daughter Lena Lawal. "'Cause I Iike the music."

This is the second year for this daddy-daughter dance. It was sponsored by the Black Star Project, a local group that works to improve education.