Effects of Snow on Landscape Plants

February 15, 2011 4:12:19 AM PST
Check to see if any plants have ''frost heaved'' out of the ground.

That happens from the freezing and thawing process. It is easy to just push the root balls right back down into the ground. Adding mulch on top of the roots helps to keep them proteted for the rest of he winter.

Check to see if the rabbits have done any damage. Chewing stems off of roses, chewing the bark off the trunks of trees and shrubs and burrowing into the root zones of perennials. During this thaw, it is the perfect time to spray repellents on the plants. It will last for 60 days and protect the plants from more damage. You can also put chicken wire cages around the plants.

The warmer temperatures are easier on the humans as well as the tissues of the plants, so this week is a great time to do some of the pruning, cutting out damaged or diseased branches, branches that are crossing, plants that need to be pruned when insects are not present, like oaks, to prevent disease spread.