Find your best church hat

February 18, 2011 10:12:30 AM PST
Looking your best at church is important for many African-American women, and the hat is a critical accessory.

For the ancestors of many of these women, dressing up for church was one of the few opportunities they had to remove domestic aprons and house dresses. These drab garments were replaced by bright colors, fancy shoes and elaborate hats that would stand out in a crowd.

Over the years, the hat became a status symbol, showing triumph over the hardships.

Lourdes Hats & Accessories is a family business that's been in operation for 45 years. They have hundreds of standard and customized designs.

    Hat tips:
  • Don't wear a hat wider than your shoulders.
  • Don't wear a hat that is darker than your shoes.
  • If your hat has feathers, make sure they are never bent or broken.
  • Sequins don't look good in the daytime.
  • Easter hats should be white, cream or pastel -- even if it's still cold outside.
  • For a look that is both elaborate and demure, try a chapel veil.

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