Protesters at Wis. capitol for 6th day

February 20, 2011 3:33:04 PM PST
Protests continue for a sixth day in Wisconsin against a plan that would strip most public employees of their collective bargaining rights.

Under the proposal, government workers would also have to pay more of their health care and pension costs.

Fourteen Democratic State Senators fled the state to prevent a vote on the measure.

On Sunday afternoon, the Senate Majority Leader said the chamber will meet on Tuesday to consider non-spending bills, even if the democrats haven't returned.

Republican Gov. Scott Walker told Fox News Sunday that his bill is needed to balance the state's budget.

"This is about balancing not only our next budget but the budgets two, four, six years into the future. And I think right now, frugality is in. People expect us to make tough decisions to make sure we don't pass the buck onto our kids and grandkids," Walker said.

Many teachers have been taking part in the protests. On Sunday afternoon, the head of the teachers union called for members to return to their classrooms.