Schaumburg Flyers face eviction

February 24, 2011 2:54:42 PM PST
The owners of Schaumburg's financially troubled minor league baseball franchise have until March 6 to pack their bags and sell the team.

With signs posted already warning of the team's fate, the Schaumburg Flyers were officially evicted Thursday from their home stadium. It comes as no surprise to some fans of the team.

"It's pretty sad that the stadium couldn't come up with a solution to support the team," said Flyers fan Linda Horton.

Thursday's court order comes after the team failed to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in rent. It's based on an agreement made last month between the Village of Schaumburg and the Schaumburg Park District, the co-owners of Alexian Field, and the Flyers' owner Rich Ehrenreich to either sell the team or be throw out.

According to court documents, the Schaumburg Flyers baseball team may no longer play at Alexian Field, and the agreement states the team must move out immediately because the team owes over $551,000 for six months of back rent.

That amount does not include other unpaid rent, amusement taxes, utilities and other owed funds.

The village is still suing the team for the full amount owed of over $920,000. That lawsuit is pending.

The team's original owner of the 12-year-old Flyers was not immediately available for comment but has been trying to sell the team for years. A spokesperson for the team said a sale could be completed within days.

The village may now negotiate with another team, but that may prove difficult considering Flyers season was scheduled to start in May.