Target looking into reports of exploding plates

March 3, 2011 9:15:41 AM PST
Target has launched an investigation after complaints that some of its microwave-safe plates exploded during use.

Corrie Van Houten of Texas said she noticed the plates became extremely hot when she put them in the microwave.

They're part of the "Target Home American Simplicity Dishes."

Van Houten was trying to cook some bacon and was shocked by what happened.

"I put it in for two minutes, and it stopped, and I looked at it and the bacon was still pretty raw, and so I put it on for another two minutes and it just exploded," Van Houten said.

A Houston TV station conducted its own tests and also had a plate explode.

One pottery expert believes the problem may be the result of the plates not being heated to the proper temperature in a kiln.