Fennville team's winning streak ends

March 15, 2011 2:12:53 PM PDT
There's been a bittersweet ending to a tragic basketball season for a Michigan high school.

Fennville High School lost their post season regional semi-final game. Monday night's loss comes nearly two weeks after the death of Wes Leonard who died shortly after sinking a game-winning basket. The 16-year-old died of cardiac arrest due to an enlarged heart.

After his death, Leonard's team went on to win three more games but were unable to win a fourth.

Fans say it's important to honor Wes' memory.

"We wanted to be able to like win districts and stuff, and it was important to win those games and stuff. Wes was so much with us," said Christie Vanderbo.

Leonard's parents say they couldn't get through their loss without everyone helping them. They plan to create cause in their son's name to encourage others to avoid similar deaths by getting screenings.