Mich. athlete's parents talk about his death

March 16, 2011 1:58:07 PM PDT
The parents Wes Leonard said they will never get over the loss of their son, who died two weeks ago after hitting a game-winning shot for his high school basketball team.

Jocelyn Leonard is a teacher at Fennville High School in Michigan. She was at the game where her son shot that basket, was hoisted by his team and then collapsed on the court.

"I thought he fell off the shoulders. I thought, because he was being lifted, I thought he hit his head and he had had a concussion in football, and I thought, oh, no, we've got a concussion, you know? He's fallen and hit his head," Jocelyn Leonard said.

Doctors say the 16-year-old died of a heart attack due to an enlarged heart.

The Fennville Blackhawks went on to win three games in the state tournament before losing to Schoolcraft High School Monday in the Michigan Class-C semifinals.