Spring Greening and Cleaning

March 22, 2011 10:07:19 AM PDT
Spring season is here, which means it's finally time to get your home back in shape. To make things easier and more eco-friendly, there are now many items available that can actually be sustainable while you get your home spotless at the same time.

    Products seen on ABC7 News at 11:
  • Reliable Corporation -- Steamboy Steam Floor Mop -- $89 (chemical-free cleaning with regular tap water)
  • MU Kitchen ? Mubamboo Dishtowels in Pacific -- $21 (bamboo, eco-friendly cleaning towels)
  • Full Circle ? Come Clean Natural Cleaning Set -- $21 (recycled plastic bottles, make your own eco-friendly cleaning kit)
  • Seventh Generation Fabric Softener ($5.69) and Clean Well Hand Soap ($6.66) and STOUT EcoDegradable Trash Bags ($14.99) -- (General Eco-friendly cleaning products)
  • Full Circle ? Suds Up Dish Brush in Natural -- $10 (Bamboo bristles, recycled plastic, biodegradable bonterra)
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      Terri Bennett is the heart and soul of the Do Your Part team. Officially, she's the co-founder of Do Your Part and its Vice President of Content. But behind the scenes, she is involved in the content we produce, hosts our off-beat and entertaining "Green Dish" daily video, and uses her scientific background to vet the information we produce online and in Terri's syndicated newspaper column. Before launching Do Your Part, Terri was the Chief Meteorologist at the NBC affiliate in Charlotte, NC. She spent more than 16 years providing weather forecasts in Charlotte and was actually the first (and only) female Chief Meteorologist in the market. Her work only fueled her passion for protecting the planet. While providing nightly weather reports and covering major weather events, Terri branched out into producing television segments about protecting our water supply in a series named "WaterWise" and hosted another segment on natural gardening techniques known as "Terri's Garden". Her work on television earned her the title of "Best Weathercaster in the Carolinas" numerous times, two prestigious Emmy awards, and the "Excellence in Science Reporting" from the American Meteorological Society.After leaving the television business in 2007, Terri's passion for the environment created the Do Your Part idea and its core mission.

      Terri wanted the world to know that going green is easy, economical, and important. She and her husband Andy starting producing, shooting, and editing the first Do Your Part videos from their own home. They built a set, bought video cameras, and learned all the ins and outs of running a website. Their small team began to grow as they hired photojournalists and researchers. Now, Terri Bennett Enterprises, resides in a green office building near the heart of Uptown Charlotte, and employs nearly a dozen people. Terri is also a mom who is constantly on the go. When she is not creating carpooling schedules and packing lunches (waste free, of course!), she authors a weekly Do Your Part syndicated newspaper column for the McClatchy-Tribune News Wire. Terri is also in the final stages of writing a book that is packed with practical Do Your Part information for families just as busy as hers. Terri is also a big believer in educating kids early about the benefits of reducing, reusing, and recycling which is why she speaks at dozens of schools each year.

      She and her husband have two children at home, a married son and daughter-in-law, one dog, two rabbits, and a backyard pond filled with goldfish.