Canadian leader impressed with CeaseFire

March 26, 2011 4:02:35 PM PDT
The group CeaseFire is getting attention from communities around the globe for its efforts to reduce violence.

On Saturday, the Premier of Manitoba, Canada Greg Selinger visited the organization office in Englewood to get a firsthand look at how it works.

He called CeaseFire very effective.

Selinger plans to take what's already being done in Manitoba to fight crime and see how what he learned Saturday fits.

"What we've seen this morning is the power of example, the power of people deciding to take another path to resolving conflict. And it starts with local leaders stepping up to the plate and having the courage to forge a different path," Selinger said.

During his trip to Chicago, Selinger also signed an agreement with Gov. Pat Quinn to boost trade and commerce opportunities between the two governments.