2 cops arrested after alleged sex assault

March 30, 2011 8:58:06 PM PDT
Two Chicago Police officers in uniform and in a marked department SUV are accused of pulling up to a young woman as she walked home alone along Broadway on the North Side.

"They offered me a ride home," the victim told ABC 7. She accepted.

Police are now investigating her claim that both officers came into her apartment, which is outside of the Wrigleyville district where they work, and sexually assaulted her.

At some point, she ran to neighbors for help. The officers allegedly ran off, but not before sources say they left behind parts of their uniform and a cell phone.

A police spokesperson released a statement saying in part, "upon learning of the allegations, an immediate investigation was initiated. The investigation is on-going, and the accused officers will be relieved of their police powers. These allegations are egregious and taken very seriously."

ABC7 has learned that both officers have been arrested but not yet charged. A source says the victim has identified at least one of them in a line-up.

The victim went to the hospital and submitted to an exam aimed at collecting DNA. ABC7 is told the police SUV is also being swept for evidence.

Since the policemen were on duty, ABC7 is told there are also questions for their supervisors including whether they knew where the officers were at the time of the alleged assault.