Natural beauty products rooted in history

April 1, 2011 (CHICAGO)

Tramayne Butler DeLong is a cultural anthropologist who became fascinated by the beauty secrets of women from ancient civilizations, items used long before there were any complex chemicals in the mix. Now, she is using her historical knowledge to help others green their beauty routines.

"This is a pearl powder, which is a beauty secret of ancient Chinese royalty," Butler Delong said. "This is rice bran which is a beauty secret of the Japanese Geisha."

Her product line is called AnthroSpa Logic. She makes organic skin products using the science of anthropology -- the study of humans and their cultures. Butler Delong founded the company after earning her PhD in cultural anthropology.

"It's based on what indigenous cultures around the world have been using on their skin for centuries," Butler Delong said. "There are ingredients from Africa, from Europe, from South America, from North America and Australia."

The wide array of all-natural ingredients are mixed in small batches at a packing facility in the south suburbs. The body masque is one of five products that complete the line.

"It is a soy and honey-based masque that contains tamarind which is native to East Africa. Tamarind is actually used in Thailand as well to brighten the skin," Delong said.

The products contain no soap, no fillers like water or glycerin and no preservatives. "The products are actually packaged like dried foods because they are preservative free," Butler Delong said. "The products turn into a creamy consistency on your skin when you activate them with water."

The only product sold as a liquid is the moisturizer, which is made from pure essential oils.

"That product contains rice bran. It also contains milk which was used in ancient Egypt. We all know Cleopatra used milk to maintain clear smooth skin," Butler Delong said.

Butler Delong says her products were included in the official gift bags that were given away to the stars participating in the Grammies this year. She's hoping some of them will be back for more.

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