Daley urges defeat of concealed-carry bill

April 6, 2011 4:42:11 PM PDT
Mayor Daley and community leaders urged defeat of a bill pending in the Illinois House that would allow the carrying of concealed weapons.

Daley says he and Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel have sent a joint letter to Springfield opposing the bill. According to Daley, a new study has found that in the past four years, 300 people have been killed in shootings by those legally entitled to carry guns. He says allowing concealed carry would present a tremendous challenge to law enforcement.

"If this bill passes anyone waving around a gun on the street could be a legally armed citizen of Illinois. So what does a policeman do? What decisions do they make? Remember what decision they make if it's counter, they will sue you taxpayers," he said.

Daley urged people to call their representatives and demand a no vote on the bill.