CPS holds first hearing on school consolidations

April 6, 2011 7:12:27 PM PDT
The first of a series of hearings on proposed Chicago Public School consolidations began Wednesday night.

Independent hearing officers listen to the testimony from CPS officials in favor of proposals for consolidation along with members of the public.

The hearing concerned the potential consolidation of all small schools at Bowen campus into a New Millennium High School.

"I'm here to tell you as a student that I do not believe that consolidation is for the better of the students," a student said at the hearing.

"Test scores alone don't measure the success of a school or of the students, because we do so much more," said Martha McKinley, teacher, Global Visions Academy.

As many as 14 public schools may be consolidated in an effort to maximize space and resources, according to district officials.

CPS is facing an estimated $720 million budget deficit.