Fans say Bulls are going all the way

April 16, 2011 4:56:55 PM PDT
Bulls fans probably didn't know what to think for most of Saturday's playoff game against the Indiana Pacers.

It was supposed to be an easy win, but in the end, the excitement of a come-from-behind victory erased any doubts. The Bulls won 104 to 99 at the United Center, taking the playoff series lead.

At the Madhouse on Madison, the Bulls faithful were seeing red.

"I was sweating it, but you know what? We already knew as Bulls fans, D. Rose got it. He got it. Go D. Rose!" said Bulls fan Kanecia Reid.

Though it wasn't pretty, the Bulls got it done, leaving fans breathless.

"My voice is cracking. I was so loud," said Bulls Fan Jishnu Sarker. "Now it's all broken."

"It was awesome!" said Bulls fan Dylan Thompson.

"I think Thibodeau is going to give Boozer a spanking in the locker room. He's in trouble if he plays like that next game," said Bulls fan Manuel Cedano.

After losing a bet, New York Knicks fan Levar Fulton was forced to wear red and black at Saturday's game.

"Derrick Rose, he's the truth," Fulton said. "I'll say MVP."

A few blocks away at West End Bar and Grill, drinks were flowing and so was talk of a championship.

"I'm really excited, I think they can go all the way. They've got a really great team." said Bulls fan Maria Ippolito.

Darius Sutrinaitis showed his love for the Bulls with an interesting fashion choice.

"I nailed it head to toe except for the loafers. I didn't have any basketball shoes," Sutrinaitis said.

Back at the United Center, fans rallied around the Michael Jordan statue and compared this year's squad to the Bulls of the 1990s.

"Just like the '91 championship. I sweated through that one, but defense wins championships. Period," said Bulls fan Jeremy King.

"The Bulls, they're going to win it all this year. They've got every crucial member a team needs. They've got more energy, more exciting. We're going all the way this year, Bulls," said Bulls fan Kevin Conroy.