Wild turkey ruffles feathers in Spring Grove

Spring Grove turkey. (David Rench of Carriage House Gallery in Spring Grove, Ill.)

April 18, 2011 10:40:10 AM PDT
What do you call a rogue turkey that seems happy to hang out on Main Street? That depends on whom you ask.

A wild turkey has been spotted around Spring Grove, Ill., for several weeks now. He went from being known as a bit of a nuisance for causing traffic standstills in the downtown area to becoming a bit of a celebrity.

Now a local store is seeking name recommendations for the turkey, which range from the likes of "Fred" or "Houdini," for the bird's ability to outsmart animal control, to the politically-inspired "Obama."

"The bird has created quite a stir around here," David Rench of Carriage House Gallery wrote in an email to ABC7. Rench will pick five names and put them up to vote on the Carriage House Gallery's facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Carriage-House-Gallery/169244093088643.