DreamHome goes to the Merchandise Mart

April 19, 2011 10:12:29 AM PDT
Michael Anthony, founder of 1 Design Group, Inc. and designer of the DreamHome Outdoors room, visited ABC7 Chicago Tuesday to talk about the DreamHome event at Chicago's Merchandise Mart.

The event opened April 15 and will closes Decemer 9, 2011.

Featured on ABC7 Chicago:

DreamHome Outdoors Vignette

Vignette 1:

Sample of what you will see when you visit the Dreamhome at The Merchandise Mart.
Versatile outdoor furniture from Brown Jordan's Cubic line
Durable outdoor fabric from CF Stinson and Carnegie
Rug from Winston defines the space
Planters from Ebel to give height and year round color/ texture
Mirrors make a small space look larger

DreamHome Vignette Products:
Brown Jordan (Suite 17-100) Cubic Chairs and Cubic Ottoman
Ebel, Inc. (Suite 15-121) Mirror
Winston (Suite 16-100) Artificial turf Rug

Terrace (Smaller Vignette Area):

Vignette 2:
Great table for that intimate balcony or odd corner from Ebel, Inc
Pod planters give great impact, but are actually flat for a great space saver from Ebel , Inc
Keep it simple- maximize the space you do have

Terrace Vignette Products:
Ebel, Inc (Suite 15-121)Products Include:
Bindi Design oversized planters
Tri table and chairs- from the Porte Collection
Pod planters

For more information, visit www.merchandisemartdesigncenter.com.


DreamHome at The Merchandise Mart

Nine of Chicago's most recognized names in the design industry will come together for the 7th annual DreamHome April 15 to December 9, 2011 at The Merchandise Mart. This year's design house is stylish, yet timeless blending luxury furnishings from The Design Center showrooms with clean lines to create an awe-inspiring space inside and out. Michael Anthony, the Founder of 1 Design Group is one of the designers being showcased. He is showing us the latest trends in outdoor décor that include bright red planter, and snakes in embossed fabric for lounge chairs!


Foyer -- Buckingham Interiors + Design

Office --Michael Del Piero Good Design

Living Room -- Scott Himmel Architects

Bedroom -- Michael Abrams Limited

Dressing Room -- Luca Lanzetta, LLC

Dining Room -- Frank Ponterio Interior Design

Kitchen -- Studio Snaidero Chicago

Media Room -- Lauren Coburn, LLC

Outdoors -- 1 Design Group, Inc

Welcome Lobby -- Blutter/Shiff Design Associates

Celebrating its 7th anniversary, The Merchandise Mart's DreamHome will be open to the public through December 9.

HOURS: Monday - Friday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

LOCATION: The Merchandise Mart, North Lobby

COST: A voluntary donation to University of Chicago Cancer Research Foundation (UCCRF) Women's Board is suggested

WEBSITE: www.merchandisemartdesigncenter.com

Michael Anthony's Bio:

1 Design Group, Inc. is a residential landscape design build firm, designing and delivering unique spaces that are visually appealing, functional and sustainable. Creating designs that reflects our clients' personal styles and tastes while also maximizing their investment is the key to our success. 1 Design Group educates and encourages standards for the long-term life of our projects. Our firm delivers unmatched client service with Southern charm, digging into our core value of treating all involved with the highest level of respect.

Since an early age, Michael Anthony has been very passionate about landscape design. Extensive travel has afforded Michael a glimpse into the construction methods and design theory of the past and present, allowing him to integrate these concepts into local design schemes. Visiting continents like Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and South America has given Michael the opportunity to expand his creative palate when it comes time to execute a new project. More than allowing Michael to experience different cultures, his travels have fueled his passion for landscape architecture and demonstrated limitless possibilities of outdoor living. To Michael, landscape design is like telling a story?a story that is reflective of the client's character, home and dreams. Landscape design is written in the language of nature and narrated through natural illustrations.