Blue Man Group auditions held at Briar Street Theatre

Chicago Blue Man Group holds auditions at Briar Street Theatre

April 19, 2011 3:32:03 PM PDT
Do you have what it takes to be blue? Blue Man Group is looking for three blue men.

For 13 years, the Blue Man Group has entertained sellout crowds at Briar Street Theatre on the city's North Side. Dozens of actors lined up in the theater's lobby for auditions Tuesday.

"I love acting. I love music. I've always been a drummer for about fifteen years. It's a great passion of mine," Tommy Martin, Blue Man hopeful.

While there's a lot of drumming in the outrageous show, but drumming, itself, isn't a requirement.

"You don't have to be a drummer. Drumming in your background, drumming skills help. But if you're a good enough actor we'll teach you how to drum," Nyki Dedreu, stage manager of Blue Man Group, said.

Neither is being a man, but standing 5'10" to 6'1" is.

"Because I'm a clown by nature otherwise and a physical theatre performer so I'm interested in the work they do," Erin Crite, Blue Man hopeful, said.

Blue Man Group is an entertaining mix of sight gags, music, physical comedy and silent actors covered in blue. Theater goers never see their faces. Blue men are anonymous.

"Oh that's great isn't it? Then you can just do ... you can have a normal life and do whatever you want and then do what you love on stage," Cheryl Turski, Blue Man hopeful.

"That's OK," Timothy Ross, Blue Man hopeful, said. "I mean you know it's about just making people happy."

The Blue Man Group has performed more than 7,000 shows in Chicago.