Fans react to Bulls loss

April 23, 2011 4:33:42 PM PDT
Fans don't seem too concerned about the Chicago Bulls losing Saturday's playoff game to the Indiana Pacers.

Some say they're glad to see the series return to Chicago so the Bulls can win on their home court. With the Bulls still leading 3-1, the series returns to the United Center for Game 5 on Tuesday.

On the menu at the Public House on Saturday: Beer, burgers, and Bulls.

"It's nice to have the city excited about the Chicago Bulls again. It's been so long that we're excited for a winner," said Bulls fan Melissa Fanaro.

Bulls fans packed the Near North Side bar but had little to cheer about early on after the Bulls came out flat.

"I mean, you can't take any team for granted in the playoffs. You gotta show up and play every day," said Bulls fan Mike Kostorowski.

"It's drama. It's dramatic. We like the drama," said Bulls fan An Nguyen.

Fans were sweating it when team leader Derrick Rose limped out of the game temporarily.

"It got pretty quiet in here. Everyone was a little afraid. I think I saw some tears from some people, but when he came back everybody was pretty happy. A little cheer, so it was good," said Bulls fan Chris Bruti.

Neil Kumar and his friends drank a toast every time Rose hit a three-pointer.

"They're implementing the Jordan Rules on D. Rose right now. They're hacking him a lot. They're really playing physical. The Bulls need to get more physical with them," Kumar said.

Even though the Pacers ended up beating the Bulls 89 to 84, some fans at Public House say they're disappointed, but not down -- there's still plenty of Bulls basketball left in the playoffs.