$70,000 to $90,000 worth of human hair stolen

April 25, 2011 2:50:23 PM PDT
Thieves were caught on camera breaking into and stealing human hair from Beauty One, a beauty supply store on the city's Near West Side, early Sunday morning.

"All of this was gone. This whole section was gone," Darlene Barnes, store manager, said as she restocked store shelves. The thieves stole thousands of dollars of human hair used to braid hair and as extensions.

"It starts off at like a hundred," Darlene Barnes said of the pricing for the hair packages.

Video from surveillance cameras show suspects at the backdoor of Beauty One on West Roosevelt Road around 6 a.m. A white van is seen pulling up and two men get out and use a metal bar to pry open the two dead-bolted locks on the steel door. A third man acts as a lockout, occasionally telling the others to hide when someone was coming down the alley. Minutes later, they emerge with bins of hair.

"They didn't touch the cash register. They didn't take any money. They didn't go back there at all. They just came and took the hair and the general merchandise, the Perfecta Products they took," Lyndsy Jones said.

Owner Jay Han said the thieves got away with the most expensive and most popular brand of human hair. He said it was worth $70,00 to $90,000.

"I think after they grabbed the hair, they tried to steal they tried to sell on the street," said Jay Han, store owner, said.

A security alarm sounded, but the suspects got away before police arrived. Han said this is the second time robbers have targeted his store, which opened six years ago. The store owner says about two years ago, thieves broke in, but only took cash.