Cut your grocery bill in half

April 26, 2011 9:48:34 AM PDT
Four tips could save you big at the grocery store.

Now more than ever, people are pinching their pennies, especially with food and gas prices going up. But if you have the right tools and knowledge you can save big at the grocery store. Josh Elledge from shows us how.

Josh's 4 BIGGEST tips to cutting your grocery bill in half:

1. Buy what you DON'T need.

2. Stock up!

3. This is not your Mother's couponing system. (Use technology!!)

4. There are coupons for almost EVERYTHING you put in your cart.


Josh Elledge is the Chief Executive "Angel" of SavingsAngel, Inc. - a West Michigan based company launched from his Holland, Michigan home in January 2007. A husband and father of three, he now appears each week on television, many radio stations and newspapers, teaching families how to cut their grocery bill in half using the Internet. Elledge created the technology found on through the need to save his own family's money. Successfully able to cut his own grocery bill from $600 a month to less than $300 a month, his message has reached hundreds of thousands of families. is now growing rapidly throughout the country.

What is SavingsAngel?

Each week SavingsAngel takes locally advertised grocery & household-good prices and places them in a searchable database.

Proprietary technology matches these products with the largest Internet database of manufacturer coupons.

SavingsAngel members prepare to go shopping by easily reviewing the best deals each week at their favorite stores, printing their personalized shopping list and gathering the coupons needed for the selected deals.

New members can start for $2.50 per week for 8 weeks with an ongoing membership fee of $5.00 per week. A wide variety of personalized help is available to maximize weekly savings. The easiest way to cut your grocery bill in half is through using manufacturer coupons combined with the best sales at local stores. Normally, this takes a lot of work to create a winning shopping list for your family. Each week, combines over 2,000 products on sale at local grocery and drug stores with their enormous database of manufacturer coupons ? which are found in Sunday newspapers and throughout the Internet. This combination results in access to over 300 products each week for 50% off or better.