Audio of 911 call in Arlington Heights fatal beating

April 29, 2011 3:20:33 PM PDT
Audio has become available of the 911 call placed by the sister-in-law of an Arlington Heights man who was found murdered in his home earlier in April.

George Nellessen, 55, was found beaten and stabbed to death. His son Matthew is in jail charged with murder.

Prosecutors say Nellessen was killed over money.

Nellesson's sister in law, only identified as Terry on the 911 call, and his girlfriend, Nancy, found the man's body after going to the home to check on him after he failed to show up for work.

Prosecutors claim three accomplices helped Matthew Nellessen tie his father to a chair, forced him to sign a $100,000 check, and then killed him.

All of them face murder charges.

From the 911 call

911 Dispatcher: We have the police and paramedics on the way right now, so who is the person that fled the house?

Terry: That's my nephew Matthew Nellessen, and he's a drug person.

911 Dispatcher: It's your brother-in-law in the house. Can they tell you at all why they think he is dead? Is there an outward sign of any trauma or what's going on?

Terry: He's in the basement tied to a chair and not moving.

911 Dispatcher: OK.