For Your Family: Meet a local 'mom-preneur'

May 2, 2011 4:18:59 AM PDT
A 33-year-old Chicago woman created her very first baby-product and now runs a fast-growing company while simultaneously caring for her two young children.

On most days, Jessica Kim goes to work with a 14-month-old in tow and a 4-year-old not far away.

"To be honest, it's hard, I would love to hear a mom-preneur say it's hard because it is," Kim said.

Yes, Kim is a mom entrepreneur or "mom-preneur" -- creating her own business while still acting as the full-time parent. In fact, she was on maternity leave two years ago from a corporate job, when inspiration hit. Her daughter Kayla was born in the middle of a cold Chicago winter, so she used a blanket to cover her baby seat.

"I did what every parent but that satin blanket was so slippery," Kim said. "It was raining, the blanket fell in a puddle, I said, 'That's it, I'm going to find a product.'"

Frustrated that she couldn't find anything, Kim says she taught herself how to sew from the internet and created a baby seat cover now marketed as the Babba Cover.

"There's a hole in the handle so you have a good grasp on the handle, a window in the front and in the back," Kim said.

Today, Kim's company has one full-time employee. They still pack and ship most products by themselves but they're growing fast. The Babba Cover is now sold in over 500 locations. Kim's passion as a mom-preneur is echoed by her friend Christine Gutierrez, who also quit her corporate job.

"My husband sees how much I enjoy going to work. He says, 'I've never heard you talk about work so much but it's great, I see you're alive,'" Gutierrez said.

Both moms say they love their newfound career.

If you're interested in the Babba Cover, you can find it on Amazon or Or, visit Kim's company website at