Police issue alert after sex assault of girl, 7

June 21, 2011 (CHICAGO)

A 7-year-old girl was attacked over the weekend in the city's Archer Heights neighborhood.

Tuesday morning, police officers and the community's aldermen were out to warn residents and also remind them to be on the lookout for a suspect. The suspect is still on the loose.

Police say that Saturday night at 11:40 p.m., the 7-year-old girl was sexually assaulted near the 4900-block of South Kildare. There is no word as to why the 7-year-old was out that late at night alone.

Fourteenth Ward Alderman Ed Burke came to a city sticker outreach program at the Polish Highlanders banquet hall in the 4800-block of South Archer, near the crime scene. Burke and city clerk Susana Mendoza, along with CAPS volunteers, warned the public of the rapist, handing out flyers to concerned community members.

"I'm in distress, the clerk is in distress...It is distressing when you hear about this happening to a little, innocent, 7-year-old girl," said Burke. "We ask ourselves, what is really going on in society? What kind of animal is going to attack a little 7-year-old girl?"

"These attacks should never happen but as parents, we have an obligation and as neighbors too, to watch out for our own and take here of our own," said Mendoza.

"This is the first time I have heard about it," said Genaro Deogado, community member. "I think it is pretty scary that there is someone that would do that to a younger girl. I have little sister, so that worries me, and my cousins too."

ABC7 talked with one young woman, Ariana, who believes the suspect may be the same man who followed her home a few weeks ago and who accosted two neighboring friends, she says.

"We don't know if we should go out at night. We prefer to stay inside now. It's pretty scary," said the 17-year-old. "I didn't realize he was so close. He was picking at my shirt and I was really scared. I started fast walking and he started telling me things like, 'where are you going and don't be scared.'"

Ariana was able to get inside her home safely and eventually her pursuer left, but she says the man fits the exact description that police have put out regarding Saturday's assault.

"Everybody's talking about it now. I just hope that two weeks from now they're still talking about it and they find the guy who did this. I really hope they catch him," said Mayte Martinez, resident.

The suspect is described as a white, Hispanic male, between the ages of 17 and 25 years old. He is 5'7", with a black crewcut hairstyle, light complexion, thin build, and acne on the cheeks of his face. He was last seen wearing a blue baseball cap, white t- shirt and blue jean shorts. Call police if you have seen this person or know anything about this person.

Police say they haven't made any arrests and don't have any persons of interest, but that they are following all leads. Investigators encourage anyone with information that could lead them to the attacker's whereabouts to call District 8 or 911.

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